To fulfill its goals, SOLidariedade has developed two programs:

  • Campaining towards Complete Education (CCE)
  • Training towards Economic Empowerment (TEE)

The Training towards Economic Empowerment (TEE) program aims to teach youth skills and knowledge so that they are able to start a small business or participate in formal employment.

The Campaigning towards Complete Education (CCE) program promotes the participation and completion of regular education.

Work in the Centro Franciscano, Alvorada – 2016

A major challenge in the Centro Franciscano’s is the general level of development of the children. The children attend different public schools in the area; none of them provides some quality in education or care. This causes great knowledge and skill differences between young people. There are children of 12-14 years in the Centro who cannot read and barely write their own name error-free. Of the 40 children older than 14 years, only two attend to high school. The lack of education is firstly a huge frustration among the children who are looking for growth. Secondly, this creates tremendous anxiety and irritation among the children who do not get it, less likely to understand something or ‘just’ have been forgotten. It will be clear that this has major implications for the work with young people in groups. In the coming years SOLidariedade will pay more attention to the social and emotional development of young people.

Level: Children & Adolescents

  • Continuation of computer courses (basic and advanced) for young people aged from 12 untill 16 years.
  • Professionalisation of the homework assistance and tutoring English for all ages.
  • Continuation of English classes for children/adolescents aged from 6 until 14 years.
  • Introduction of a social skills training for children/adolescents aged from 6 until 14 years.
  • Introduction SPORT4SOL for all ages: introduction to new sports and renovation of sports and spaces.

Level: team & management

  • Excel training for the management of the center.
  • Fundraising Training for the leadership of the center.
  • Workshop on parent participation for the whole team.
  • Workshop social skills (Rock & Water) for the whole team.

Level: organization

  • Implementation of a professional HR policy.
  • Professionalisation of the financial administration.
  • Implementation of a new student monitoring and evaluation system.
  • General management support.
  • Fundraising for the Center.


Activities in the Colégio Imaculada, Canoas – 2016

Project Ensino Infantil

The Colégio in which Anouk participates is a project funded by the municipality of Canoas. The municipality pays the school fees for 75 children (4-6 years) from the school from the poorest families in Canoas. They can thus follow two years of free Ensino Infantil (2015 and 2016). If the Municipality would not finance this project, these children would not attend school. They are not yet of school age. The grant from the municipality is sufficient for a local and a regular teacher, not for material or subject-specific teachers. Anouk is teaching English to these children. As long as the municipality is funding this project Anouk will participate in the project.

Project tutoring English

The Colégio Anouk weekly tutoring English to a group of students aged 12 to 16 years. They are all students or just have entered and have never had English education, or students who have difficulty with English. Students must register for the tutoring and need to come back for this after school.