The name of SOLidariedade  was created by Mark and Anouk. Solidariedade is the Portuguese word for solidarity. Sol is the Portuguese word for sun, which refers to the start of a new day or a new life.


Marjan Brugmans designed the logo for  SOLidariedade.

We let her explain the thoughts behind it: ‘Not the – obvious – sunflower, but the dandelion symbolizes SOLidariedade. The dandelion was chosen partly because of its unprecedented, special features, which perfectly match the mission of SOLidariedade. The flower is known to have a strengthening effect, particularly in mental and spiritual health. And that’s what SOLidariedade  seeks for its target group. Improving the social position of young people in Brazil is inextricably linked to strengthening their mental capacity. On the fluff of the dandelion, we see how that can be achieved. The seeds disperse, when ready from the flower’s head, and morph into a sort of umbrella carried by the wind. The seed can be seen as a symbol of a new beginning, growth and development. Another advantage: the adaptability of the dandelion is big. They are real survivors’.

Please see here the video about the design proces: