General Policy

More information on the general policy of SOLidariedade for the period of 2016-2017 is available in the Policy Plan: Beleidsplan SOLidariedade 2016-2017

Financial Policy

SOLidariedade is strongly committed to transparency, so people can make funded choices about spending their money. In the chapter financiën (finance) (pag. 28) in the SOLidariedade jaarverslag 2015 (annual report) information is available on the financial policy of SOLidariedade.

Management of  the funds
The funds of SOLidariedade that is not immediately spent, is on a savings account, the surplus is not invested.

Spending of the funds
SOLidariedade spends its capital in order to achieve the objectives laid down in the statutes. The Board has established the following guidelines with respect to the use of capital:

  •       Maximum 5 % of the total expenditure may be spent on administration.
  •       Maximum 10 % of the total expenditure may be spent on fundraising and communication.
  •       Minimal 90 % of the expenditure must be spent on the project.

Expenditure 2015
In 2015 93,7 % of the expenditure was spent on the project. The costs of fundraising and communication were 5,9 % of the total expenditure. This is far below the target of 25 % which is maintained by the CBF and below our own target of 10 %. The costs for management and administration were less than 0,5 % of the total expenditure.

Salaries 2015
The board members do their work for free, they receive no salary and no expense reimbursement.
Mark and Anouk are employed by SOLidariedade and each  received 1.299 Euro net per month in 2015.
Since October 2015, Mark only works for 30% at SOLidariedade. His salary since then is 451,- Euro per month.
Mark and Anouk pay all their insurances themselves and have no pension provision.